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Honeywell Security & Communications 



The 685 is truly the ultimate in digital communications. A receiver so versatile, it can make a dramatic difference in the overall central station efficiency, the moment you put it to work.

It starts proving its worth by accepting transmissions from virtually any communicator in service, including Honeywell's VISTA systems with high-speed, 4+2 Express and Contact ID formal. It's compatible with Honeywell, Sescoa and Radionics formal, Versus Derived Channel and AlarmNet/Honeywell 900 MHz Long Range Radio formats.

The 685 can also accommodate up to eight phone lines, each with built-in line fault monitoring, and process calls on all lines simultaneously.

Powerful features to satisfy demanding installations:

*       Accepts transmissions in Honeywell (low speed/high speed/4+2 express/sensor ID), Sescoa and Radionics formats. 

*       Accepts 10, 20, 40 pulse per second and 10 DTMF char/sec data transmissions.

*       Double message or single message checksum verification.

*       Stores up to 1 13 messages for subsequent display during heavy traffic or "trouble" periods.

*       Display lights for burglary, fire, holdup, restore, test, openings, closings, low battery-triggered by incoming signal.

*       Display lights indicate AC failure, low battery, telephone line fault, printer failure-at receiver. 

*       3 or 4 digit account number.

*       Features built-in connectors for serial printer, parallel printer and modem.

*       Built-in RS232 computer interface. Total supervision of connection to computer and message transfer using "ACK," "NAK" and interrogation signals.

*       Built-in battery charger for uninterrupted long-term operation.

*       Displays time and dote in either civilian or military modes, and in either U.S. or European style.

*       If a second alarm is received within 10 seconds of original alarm, built-in buzzer will NOT resound after being silenced.

*       Modular design for easy rack and desk mounting. Optional cabinet (685CX) available for desk mounting.

*       Compatible with audio and video alarm verification systems from Honeywell. 

*       Total time between acknowledgment and kiss-off under 5 seconds with Honeywell high-speed/express/sensor ID formats

               About 685:

*       The 685 prints the story.
Each transmission can be translated into plain English and then transcribed on a separate 80 column computer printer. 
A table of 27 different messages, such as burglary, fire, and restore, is built into the 685 digital receiver. 
The English language selection table is programmed on a 691 chip (supplied) using the Honeywell 690 programmer (the same programmer used for various other Honeywell products). 
If printer fails, the 685 automatically switches to manual mode to prevent loss of signals.

*       Built-in Diagnostics
Every 10 minutes Honeywell's 685 automatically monitors the phone lines . In the event of a fault, the line number is displayed, with simultaneous printed message and instant code to computer.
A printed message occurs any time an operator places the 685 in an "out-of-manual" mode.
The System Test feature, tests the 685 operation and sends signal(s) to a computer, as well as sending message(s) to the printer. This initiates test on all inactive phone lines.
The Battery Test feature reduces the charging voltage for five minutes and produces either battery "pass" or battery "foil" at the printer.

*       The Best For All Uses
Thousands of central stations can't be wrong. They have chosen the 685 as the biggest and the best. Kept current by periodic software updates and a powerful Z-80 microcomputer, the 685 will meet the challenges of the future.

*       Listings for 685
The 685 is listed for commercial burglary and fire central station monitoring of multiple media signaling methods -- digital communication via dial up switched network telephone lines, 900 MHz unidirectional and bi-directional (polled) long range radio transmission, derived channel supervised communication on switched network telephone lines.
The receiver is used to monitor control/communicators in certified installations, listed by major organizations including: Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. Factory Mutual, Inc. New York City Board of Standards and Appeals California State Fire Marshal.
The 685 is approved for use by the telephone authorities in Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain and has been installed and is in use throughout Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
It supports intelligent line cards interfaced to CRT terminals that can maintain a database (checking report monitoring for unidirectional long range radio accounts) and accept command inputs (host computer commands in derived channel networks). Unmatched in reliability, power and performance, the 685 is the digital receiver for the central station that will settle for nothing less than the best - now and in the future.


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